Healing and Meditation

Although healing and meditation have long been associated in many cultures, it is only more recently that the two are being associated more widely across the rest of the world. For many people today, meditation and healing are connected when they think of spiritual healing and many websites confirm this by mentioning both spiritual healing and how to meditate on the same sites.

What many people may not be so aware of though is that there are in fact 6 different types of spiritual healing and although all are similar and often need the healer to partake in some type of meditation in order to set their mind appropriately, they all have their differences. The 6 types of spiritual healing are:
•Magnetic Healing
•Absent Healing
•Distant Healing
•Near to the Body Healing
•Contact Healing
•Trance Healing

Magnetic healing is where the energy from one person is transferred to another. Usually the person from whom the energy is being passed would have to prepare themselves for the transfer of energy but some people believe that this energy can be passed without any preparation and therefore, do not allow children to sleep with the elderly as the elderly person can wake full of energy and the child be drained of it.

Absent healing is a form of spiritual healing where those administering the healing, perhaps a church congregation, think of the person that is to be healed and pray for them that their ailment will be cured.

Distant healing is perhaps similar to absent healing but in this instance the person to be healed would be present although not actually touched by the person doing the healing.

Near to body healing once again requires that the patient be present but in this case, not just present but close to the healer although, once again, the healer never actually touches the patient.

Contact healing is perhaps the type of spiritual healing most people are familiar with even if they have not participated in it themselves, either as a patient or healer. This is a form of spiritual healing where contact is made between the patient and the healer and provides the most dramatic videos.

Trance healing is similar to contact healing but in these instances the healer allows themselves to be in a trance whilst performing the healing. The healers, in order to place themselves in a trance, follow certain guidelines which seem to work effectively.

For most people the most common form of spiritual healing is where they heal themselves of emotional stress as this too is a form of healing spiritually. Once again meditation is advised for the best results as in order to heal yourself of emotional problems, your mind has to be clear and you must be relaxed which meditation is known to provide both of these things. If you are successful with healing yourself of problems spiritually, you may be able to also heal others and websites are online which teach you how to do this.