Godaddy Can Help

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Although even if you create your own business’s website, you will still need someone else’s assistance in getting a domain name and a host. Fortunately though you can try Godaddy for both these things and so you need only go to one site to complete your task. It is of course possible today to create your own website using website development software such as WordPress, which means you can create the website without any knowledge of computer coding, the software does all the coding for you.

WordPress does not however provide a domain name or act as a host for your website and so for those you have to look elsewhere. Godaddy is perhaps the best choice as they have already provided over 62 million domain names and can also host your website on the internet and so you can get a package deal for both. Even though the regular price for a domain name and hosting is very reasonable, Godaddy often offer promotions in the form of coupons or codes and so they are even cheaper to obtain.

AS there are so many websites already on the internet, each with their own unique domain names, you may not be able to get your first choice for a name for your site but if necessary Godaddy will assist you in finding one that is both available and appropriate for your needs. The host is name of the server that will connect you to the worldwide web, making your website available to the whole world. As there are so many websites today, getting visitors to your site may prove difficult unless you use what is known as SEO.

SEO is the short name for Search Engine Optimization and basically it can help more visitors visit your website. First an SEO specialist may use keywords on the pages of your site and those keywords should make the search engine place your site higher on the list of search results it provides for a relevant search made online. Other actions SEO specialists use are to place links to your website on other, more popular websites.

SEO specialists may also offer to make your website more attractive so that when those extra visitors do visit your site, they stay long enough to become customers for your business. In order to keep those visitors interested long enough to become customers, the website should look professional and be easy to navigate.

This means that you should have on the home page, a site map which will guide visitors to what is on the site’s other pages. One of those pages should be a contact page so that if a visitor has any questions, they will know how to contact you either by email, phone or even in person if they should so wish. It is obviously better though to have as much information as possible on the website even if it does mean the site has more pages, all of which of course, appear on the site map.