Substance Abuse And Behavioral Counselors

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What does a substance abuse and behavioral counselor do? The main job of a substance and behavioral disorder counselor is to help clients to recover from addiction problems and change their behaviors through treatment and support. The main clients of the substance abuse and behavioral counselors include those who suffer from eating disorders, alcoholism, substance abuse and behavioral problems. The counselors will help the clients to recover from the addiction and behavioral problems by treatment and support.

How to become a substance abuse counselor
If you are interested in becoming a substance abuse counselor, this article offers you all the information you need. If you think that you have a role to play in transforming people’s lives, then this career is for you. Many substance abuse counselors say that the satisfaction levels of their jobs is high despite the fact that there are challenges that comes with the job. Even a few accomplishments provide extra ordinary levels of satisfaction to the counselors upon realizing that they have helped someone regain life that had been lost to drugs. The demand for substance abuse and behavioral counselors is high. In the United States alone, there are about 17 million Americans wrestling with alcoholism and it has wreaked havoc to millions of families. Most of the people who decide to pursue the substance abuse career see it as a divine purpose because it is an opportunity to change lives.

Substance abuse counselors are supposed to help their clients for both long term and crisis management issues ranging from helping the client turn away from the addiction to seeking immediate medical help. Counselors may also help the clients to find medical help, housing, employment and through peer support groups like Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics anonymous. The counselor also performs the function of offering moral support to client because the process of recovering from the addiction can be outright daunting.

Where do substance abuse counselors?
There is no single fixed place where substance abuse and behavioral counselors are supposed tow work. They work in a variety of environment such as residential treatment centers, hospitals, prisons, juvenile deterntion centers, rehabilitation centers. They work any time of the day including evenings, weekends, nights and days. Most jobs are full time because people are going to need your help any time of the day.

As a substance abuse counselor, you should have strength to face the enormous challenges that lie ahead of you. Counselors should offer emotional support and steadfastness to a large group of audicness and this naturally means that that the counselors themselves should be stable and have good management skills and emotional maturaity to be able to provide the same to clients. Naturally, you cannot provide what you don’t have.

To qualify as a substance abuse counselor, you should be qualified. Some substance abuse counselors have a high school diploma as well as a certification, but since the field is increasing becoming competitive, most substance abuse and behavioral counselors have bachelors and master’s degrees.