Biomats Popularity

hygienemedicale biomats

Biomats are now becoming very popular, not just for use in the home but also by doctors, physiotherapists and other medical professionals. One of the more popular brands of Biomat is Richway and if you look at their company website you will see that their Biomats are made up of 17 different layers, each with its specific need. The breakdown of these layers is:

  • Silicon and cotton surface layer
  • Bottom layer of high quality cotton and brass
  • Waterproof layer
  • Amethyst crystal layer
  • Cotton layer for insulation
  • TOCA layer providing natural ions
  • Nano copper fabric layer
  • Peach and grape seed layer for quantum energy
  • Copper fabric layer
  • Carbon fiber layer
  • Fiberglass layer
  • Thermal layer
  • Silicon and Teflon layer
  • Nonwoven fabric layer
  • Aluminum layer
  • 2nd nonwoven layer
  • 2nd thermal layer

All these layers, acting together will convert an electrical charge into infrared rays that are able to penetrate deep into the body’s tissues providing relief from pain and affording better sleep and relaxation.

Although it has long been known that infrared rays could assist in a body’s well-being, the technology of how to safely use those rays has only just been discovered. These Biomats have gone through extensive tests costing millions of dollars to ensure that they could be used safely, even without the presence of trained medical staff and at last they have been given FDA approval for use but the FDA does recommend that before using one, you first check with your doctor.

Medical professionals are using these mats more regularly as they reduce the number of medications that patients have to be prescribed and that in turn can reduce the number of side effects from those medications. Individuals are using the Biomats because they are convenient and can save them money on expensive medications. If used regularly the Biomats have been found to improve blood circulation, relax muscles and encourage better sleep. They have also be found to relieve back pains, muscle pains, joint pains and pains from arthritis and so are very beneficial, especially as they can be readily available in your home.

Richway provide Biomats in different sizes and these sizes are:

Biomat Mini – These are small as they are intended for use only on specific areas of pain or where treatment is needed
Biomat Single – These are the regular Biomats which are regularly used for whole body treatments
Biomat King – These are larger than the singles as they are designed for use with King Size beds and come with a 100% cotton quilt
Biomat Queen – These are designed for use by two people on a Queen Size bed and so are very convenient
Biomat Professional – These are smaller than the singles as they are designed to be mobile, perhaps to be carried by medical staff when visiting patients and so have a 1005 cotton pad and a hard-shelled carry case

One of these size Biomats will be perfect for you allowing you to quickly and easily get relief from many pains without the need for medications.